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Scott Weiner


Growing up with parents who loved the entertainment industry going to musical broadway plays and theater became a fascination to me. I felt as if I wanted to be apart of this. I always remember having a camera and taking photos with the family was exciting and enjoyable. I enjoy viewing them and put them in albums to have these moments to reflect on.As a self taught photographer my greatest pleasure is the joy my clients have when the final product is complete.Photography to Scott is a artful medium that gives him the satisfaction to capture and compose creative artistic portraits that speaks a thousand words. Enjoying the ability to put a smile on people's faces when able to go above and beyond their expectations to produce the very best perfection of photographs that I can looking through the lens of the camera. A Great photo to him is a portrait that can by treasured by the persons apart of it as part of thier portfolio or as a keep sake forever.


Glenn Weiner


When Glenn was a small child his mother bought him a camera. He began taking pictures,putting family members together. Group shots, pets,landscapes,flowers and automobiles. Developing a craft which included a bachelor of arts from Columbia College Chicago. After moving to Los Angeles he began photographing the Hollywood red carpet, premieres,concerts,various bands,charity fundraisers and award shows. Taking on private shoots to photograph models,actors,dancers,recording artists,etc. He will keep continuing what he loves to do. Captioning life's moments,making memories for himself and his clients.

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